The Benefits of Choosing Quartz over Granite countertops for your kitchen

There are several reasons why homeowners over the past few years have been choosing quartz over granite for the interior of their home. Although granite is definitely a fine choice, quartz has become the popular material due to its desirable qualities.

Quartz Countertops are Maintenance Free

One of the great things about quartz is the fact that it’s nearly maintenance free. Not only will this save you time and effort, it will also keep your surfaces looking great for years to come. The secret is in the nonporous surface.

Countertops without a nonporous surface can be permanently stained if liquids like wine, vinegar, cranberry juice and other acidy substances are not cleaned up right away. Quartz on the other hand won’t leave a mark even if the spills are left for hours or more. This is great news for households with small children.

To add to this, quartz also doesn’t need to be regularly sealed, polished or reconditioned like granite, soapstone and marble. This means you can do away with all those messy oils and toxic chemicals for good. By avoiding the use of these expensive products, you’ll make your life easier while also saving a little cash as well.

Wide Selection of Options for Quartz over granite countertops

Another great benefit of choosing quartz over granite is the large array of options you’ll have at hand. Quartz offers a wider selection of styles and designs to choose from, and the customizable options are endless.  This allows you to better match your countertops to the rest of your home.

Investing in countertops is an expensive investment, so make sure you get what you want. By choosing quartz, you can have the look and style you desire without having to compromise on your personal tastes.

Heavy Duty Products

Many homeowners choose granite for its durability and its strength. What most people don’t realize is that quartz is a much stronger product. In fact, quartz is one of the strongest products on the market and falls just below the strength of that of a diamond. Now, that’s tough.

So if you’re worried about cracks, dents, chips and other possible accidents, invest in the quality of quartz. Not only is choosing quartz a smart decision, but you’ll also give yourself piece of mind while ensuring you’ll your countertops will stay in perfect condition years after you purchase them.

Sanitation is easier in case of Quartz Countertops

Between quartz and granite, quartz for the most part tends to maintain a much higher level of cleanliness than granite. This is attributed to the fact that quartz has a nonporous surface and is nearly maintenance free. As a result, germs and other contaminates don’t stick to the surface like they do with granite and other kinds of countertops.

Cost of Quartz vs Granite Countertops

The cost of both granite and quartz are in the same ballpark, but quartz usually sells for a slightly less price. Depending on the quality, both of these products can be purchased around a minimum of $35 to $45 a square foot and go for as high as $85 to $95 a square foot. Due to the comparable prices, there’s no reason not to choose quartz over granite, especially when there are so many more benefits that come with this material.

Increasing the Worth of Your Property

Both quartz and granite are much more expensive products than materials like laminate, porcelain, and tile. By adding these materials to your home, you’ll more than likely boost the value of your property by quite a lot.  However, because of the increased popularity of quartz over granite, homes that have incorporated this luxury material have a better chance of selling for a more and at a much faster rate.


Quartz is by far the better choice of when a homeowner decides it’s time to upgrade their countertops. As mentioned before, quartz countertops are stronger, cleaner, easier to maintain, come in a wider selection of options and are available for a slightly lower price as well. Get the most for your money and choose quartz.

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